/What is Chrome Wire Shelving?

What is Chrome Wire Shelving?

Chrome wire shelving as the name suggests is made using chrome plated wire, the open nature of the shelves makes this type of shelving very popular where air circulation around the stored items is important.  Typical applications would be for food storage in commercial kitchens, for linen storage, for electronic equipment which needs to be kept cool.  For electrical equipment the shelving can also be made ESD (Electro Static Discharge) compliant to protect any sensitive electrical components.  One of the main features of chrome wire shelving is the amount of available accessories which make it suitable for almost any application from Retail to Wine storage or garment storage.  There are a wide range of custom shaped shelves such as fan shaped shelves and sloping shelves too.  A novel feature is to make a trolley from the wire shelving, which can be handy in workshops.

Chrome Wire Shelving with Accessories
Low Chrome Wire Shelving


Chrome Wire Shelving Trolley