/What is Rivet Racking?

What is Rivet Racking?

Rivet racking is a boltless shelving system that uses a keyhole pattern on the uprights and rivet shaped protusions on the shelves or beams that slot and locate securely into the keyholes.  There is an almost endless amount of rivet racking styles.  Loads can be from low to medium duty, with loads upto 600 kg UDL per shelf possible with some systems and bay sizes.

The advantages of rivet racking is the ease of assembly and the low cost of the system, for this reason it is popular in commercial and home environments.  Below is a video showing how easy rivet racking is to assemble!

A sample rivet racking assembly instructions can be found here, although the exact assembly instructions for each make of rivet racking will may vary.

Because rivet racking is so versatile, it has many uses some of which have been specialised with rivet racking kits made specially for such applications.  Examples would be:


Rivet Racking Workbench
Archive Storage using Rivet Racking
Rivet Racking packing bench
Garment Storage – Large Scale